The government has tightened the requirements to qualify for the EIA subsidy. A luminaire must now comply with a lifetime of at least L90B50 after 50,000 burning hours.

What does this mean?

  • L90 means that after 50,000 hours a luminaire still provides 90% of its initial light output.
  • B50 means that 50% of the LEDs achieve this.

Climbing to the top is only possible with top products. This time we have gone “over the top” with the specifications: L90B50 54,000 burning hours.

About “the top” product lines:

Alp Easy Fit Retroline
ALP Easy Fit Modular light lines
ALP TMX204 Led kit
ALP Easy Batten (mounting rail)
ALP Easy Proof
ALP Easy Grating luminaires

Will you climb to the “top” with us? The view is magnificent!