Alp easy bay, 60Watt UGR19-80D-5000K-bracket

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Alp easy Smart bay, 60Watt UGR19-80GR-5000K-bracket


Alp easy Smart bay, 60Watt UGR19-80GR-5000K-bracket

Additional information

Weight 2,00 kg
Dimensions 362,00 × 257,00 × 120,00 cm
Mounting method

Lamp type

With light source

Suitable for auxiliary lamp

Material housing

Colour housing

Voltage type

Nominal voltage

Nominal current

Type of control gear

Exchangeable control gear

With control gear

Dimming 0-10 V

Dimming 1-10 V

Dimming DALI

Dimming DMX

Dimming DSI

Dimming phase cut-off

Dimming phase cut-on

Dimming potentiometer (integrated)

Dimming GPRS

Dimming LineSwitch

Dimming manufacturer's proprietary system

Dimming mains voltage modulation

Dimming programmable

Dimming RF

Dimming Sine Wave Reduction

Dimming Touch and Dim

Dimming Zigbee

Dimming with push-button

No dim function

Light distributor

Light sharing

Beam angle

Colour consistency (McAdam ellipse)

Energy efficiency class of the built-in lamp

Rated life time L90/B10 at 25 °C

Degree of protection (IP)

Degree of protection (NEMA)

Impact strength


Protection class

Luminaire with limited surface temperature, sign "D“

Rated ambient temperature according to IEC62722-2-1

Emergency power supply integrated

Suitable for emergency lighting

Suitable for lamp power

Max. system power

Rated luminous flux according to IEC 62722-2-1

Luminaire efficacy

Colour of light

Colour temperature

Colour rendering index CRI

Power factor

Constant light output (CLO)




Type of wiring

Number of poles

Conductor cross section

Connection type

With protective cover



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