Alp easy bay, motion sensor smart cable

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Alp easy bay, motion sensor smart cable


Alp easy bay, motion sensor smart cable

Additional information

Dimensions 0,00 × 0,00 × 0,00 cm

Sensor type

With DALI interface

Constant light control


Forced switch on

Forced switch off

Animal zone

Creep-under protection


Optimum mounting height

Staircase monitoring

Bridging switch

Max. transmission range sideways

Max. transmission range frontally

Diameter detection range on floor

Suitable for wireless transmission

Remote operation

With remote control

Response value sensitivity adjustable

Response value luminosity adjustable

With signal unit

Teach-function for response value luminosity

Suitable for ceiling mounting

Suitable for wall mounting

Dim function with dimmer basic element

Mounting method

Connection type


Material quality

Halogen free

Surface protection

Surface finishing

Anti-bacterial treatment



Degree of protection (IP)

Impact strength

Voltage type

Nominal voltage

Suitable for C-load

Substation input

With alarm function

Compatible with Apple HomeKit

Compatible with Google Assistant

Compatible with Amazon Alexa

IFTTT support available



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