ALP ECO PANEL 36W 830 120LM/W UGR<19 295x1195MM

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Erzielen Sie hervorragende Energieeinsparungen und reduzieren Sie Ihre Stromkosten mit dem Alp Eco Panel 36 Watt in der Lichtfarbe 3000K mit einer Größe von 30x120CM. Ein Topper für Büroumgebungen!


Achieve excellent energy savings & reduce your electricity costs with the Alp Eco Panel 36 Watt in the light colour 3000K with a size of 30x120CM. This inset luminaire for suspended ceilings comes with a high-quality driver and a high efficiency of 120 lumens per watt. The UGR<19 value ensures that your eyes are not hindered. In addition, you can combine it with a dimmable driver such as DALI and bluetooth if you want to dim the luminaires.

Supplied as standard with a 2M euro plug attached to the panel. We also offer a GST18/3 (Wieland) connection. This ensures extremely short installation times! This way, preservation is done in no time! Where there is fluorescent lighting, you can easily swap it 1-to-1 for the Eco LED panels.

The LED panel has a sleek finish and a thin design, so you see little frame and it fits seamlessly into many interiors. Thanks to its thinness, you’ll never be in a pinch when space above the suspended ceiling is limited! Important for colour consistency is the light guidance plate. Over its lifetime, the Alp Eco Panel will continue to look great!

Additional information

Weight 1,50 kg
Dimensions 32,00 × 122,00 × 5,00 cm
Suitable for wall mounting

Suitable for suspended mounting

Suitable for ceiling mounting

Suitable for built-in mounting

Suitable for surface mounting

Suitable for light line configuration

Suitable for workplace according to EN 12464-1

Lamp type

With light source

Lamp holder

Material housing

Surface protection housing

Colour housing

Material cover

Type of grid

Voltage type

Nominal voltage

Nominal current

Type of control gear

With control gear

Exchangeable control gear

Dimming 0-10 V

Dimming 1-10 V

Dimming DALI-2

Dimming DALI

Dimming DMX

Dimming DSI

Dimming potentiometer (integrated)

Dimming GPRS

Dimming LineSwitch

Dimming manufacturer's proprietary system

Dimming mains voltage modulation

Dimming phase cut-off

Dimming phase cut-on

Dimming programmable

Dimming RF

Dimming Sine Wave Reduction

Dimming Touch and Dim

Dimming Zigbee

Dimming with push-button

Dimming depending on control gear

No dim function

Light distributor

Light sharing

Beam angle

Colour consistency (McAdam ellipse)

Light outlet

Energy efficiency class of the built-in lamp

Rated life time L70/B50 at 25 °C

Rated life time L80/B10 at 25 °C

Rated life time L90/B10 at 25 °C

Lumen maintenance at median useful life of 35,000 h at 25 °C ambient (tq)

Lumen maintenance at median useful life of 50,000 h at 25 °C ambient (tq)

Lumen maintenance at median useful life of 75,000 h at 25 °C ambient (tq)

Failure rate at median useful life of 35,000 h at 25 °C ambient (tq)

Failure rate at median useful life of 50,000 h at 25 °C ambient (tq)

Failure rate at median useful life of 75,000 h at 25 °C ambient (tq)

Degree of protection (IP)

Degree of protection (NEMA)

Impact strength

Protection class

Luminaire with limited surface temperature, sign "D“

Rated ambient temperature according to IEC62722-2-1

Suitable for emergency lighting

Emergency power supply integrated

With movement sensor

With light sensor

Covering of the luminaire with thermally insulating material possible

With air slots

Filament test according to IEC 60695-2-11

Suitable for lamp power

Max. system power

Luminaire efficacy

Rated luminous flux according to IEC 62722-2-1

Colour of light

Colour temperature

Colour rendering index CRI

Power factor

Constant light output (CLO)




Built-in length

Built-in width

Built-in height/depth

Type of wiring

Number of poles

Conductor cross section

Connection type

Photobiological safety according to EN 62471

Luminous intensity

Colour temperature adjustable

Luminous flux adjustable

Beam angle adjustable

Operation by Bluetooth

Compatible with Apple HomeKit

Compatible with Google Assistant

Compatible with Amazon Alexa

IFTTT support available



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